Yoga videos

Yoga is something that quite literally changed my life. Not immediately, but over time it trickled under my skin and has never left.

By the time I did my yoga teacher training I was so ready to dive in and truly receive all the gifts that it gave me.

For me, yoga isn’t about making fancy shapes, tucking my feet behind my head, or powering through a practice like its a workout. I’ll leave that for the gymnasts out there.

Yoga for me is simply a way to reconnect to my mind and body. Its a way to check in daily and see what shows up. A chance to harness my energy internally rather than waste it externally.

I have added a couple of gentle, yoga stretches here that you can follow along to. See how they fit with you. See what they bring up. How they make you feel.

Most of all, have fun with them.

Both are password protected – the password is – barefootyoga – all one word and lower case.

Morning stretch

Yoga Stretch