Its no secret that I love me a goal….having something to work towards, to focus on always helps motivate me to do my best.

Over the last few months (like most people I am sure) it has been difficult to stay motivated. Our goal of moving abroad again is in tatters. We revisited the idea this week as I think both of us felt that we couldn’t quite give up on it. However, after going through all of the information and advice that there is, it looks pretty impossible to be thinking of moving away at this time.

So, I needed another goal to take my mind off daydreaming about a life in the sun.

I am now 46 days into my candida/leaky gut protocol, so in theory halfway through, and I am feeling better by the day. With lockdown still affecting my ability to go back to work (until at least early July), I figure I probably have a good month to squeeze another challenge in.

If nothing else this whole lockdown has given me the gift of time. I vowed at the start to make the most of that time and to leave lockdown healthier than I went in. I didn’t want to be the person that put on weight and treated the whole experience like an extended holiday. To me this was the perfect opportunity to put my ‘health’ house in order.

So, the challenge for this month is this….

It has long been a goal of mine to build more muscle and lose body fat. But the truth is that I haven’t had the time to dedicate to it before. It takes a LOT of work and motivation and for that you need to clear the decks. A lockdown is the perfect opportunity.

With my gut health beginning to improve and my energy levels come right back up again, now is the perfect time to get going with this.

I’m going to start on Thursday as we have a big anniversary to celebrate tomorrow – 30 years with my perfect guy……still can’t believe I’m old enough to have been with someone for 30 whole years!!! So, tomorrow we celebrate, Wednesday we are heading off for a long hike and then Thursday BAM I’m throwing myself in.

I have no doubt that this challenge is going to be tough. Both physically and mentally. But I am so ready to do something like this. Now more than ever I think it is imperative that we look to our own individual health. The years ahead of us are going to be tough, and when things get tough then people need to be strong to survive them.

Boosting your immune system, losing excess weight, training your body through exercise to be strong and flexible are all things that we all need to be looking at now.

Those of us in the fitness industry need to be shining examples of this. At 52, I want to show women especially, that we can still have great health and fitness.

I’ll blog/vlog daily throughout this challenge, so see ya on Thursday for day one!!!

Helen x

NB..If you want help and advice about how to kick start your health and fitness then drop me a line through the contact me page. I coach on a 1-2-1 basis to be able to give people all the attention, motivation and support that they need to reach their own specific goals. x

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