60 days of candida protocol – update….

So, today marks 60 days since I started my candida protocol. In a bid to heal from candida/leaky gut and help my autoimmune (Rheumatoid Arthritis), I embarked on a strict diet and protocol of supplements.

Its been quite the journey so far with many of my issues clearing up over the last 60 days.

I have lost the ‘6 month’ belly bloat that I had, my stomach issues have subsided considerably (*although some foods are still causing me problems, but more of that in a mo). My whole digestive system is working so much better and regularly (if you get my drift!). I am waking naturally around 5am with tonnes of energy, something that has been unheard of for quite a few years.

My skin has cleared up and is looking so much better, I am not tired ALL the time anymore and I have rediscovered my passion for fitness.

My RA, which is definitely the biggest issue I want to clear up has been a bit up and down. Initially the results looked very positive with soreness, stiffness and puffiness all seeming to clear up significantly. Every now and then though it flairs up and I can’t quite put my finger on why. The weather has been up and down, either very hot, or humid and wet. This can play a part in making the inflammation worse. Or it could be that my body is just taking its time to heal itself. I’m certainly not expecting overnight miracles here.

All in all the last 60 days has been such a positive experience. In theory I have another 30 days to go but I am thinking that it may take a little longer than that to get completely to the other side of my ‘stomach’ issues. I’m totally fine with that as there is no way I want to trade what I have now for what I did have.

*Over the weekend I added a few oats into my diet to see how I went. You are allowed after 60 days to add some foods back in. The first day I was totally fine with them, but yesterday my stomach started to get a bit ‘growly’ and this morning it is very poppy and windy. So, it looks like I am not ready for oats just yet.

I have combined this 90 day candida protocol with getting my fitness back on track. As a personal fitness trainer and yoga teacher, I always had a good level of fitness. However, I wasn’t happy with where I was at. I was overweight and my stomach issues and consequent bloating was something that caused me stress.

Over the last 60 days I have exercised 6 days a week with 1 rest day per week. Nearly two weeks ago I started a 30 day shred challenge and I can’t say enough how much I am LOVING it.

Feeling my body get stronger on a daily basis, seeing muscles appear again, watching my abs make a tentative reappearance is something that just motivates the hell out of me. I guess that’s why I work in the health and fitness industry, as I really do love doing exercise.

It makes me a little sad that I lost myself for a while, and didn’t look after this amazing body that I am living in. (For the record, I think we all have amazing bodies). But, it also makes me very happy that I have found my passion again and that I am focusing that passion on myself for once!

Ok, this is the part I guess most people are always interested in. How much weight have I lost and what am I looking like at the moment.

Weight loss is slow and steady, which is how it should be. Most people want rapid weight loss because they don’t have the patience to wait. There are so many ‘diets’ around at the moment that offer this. Very low calorie diets that use meal replacements instead of eating ‘real’ food.

I understand why people use these, and I have myself tried the Fast800 diet in the past. It worked and the weight fell off, but I wasn’t able to do the exercise that I wanted with it.

When I work out I like to make it feel as if I am working out. I want to be sweaty and out of breath by the end of it. I want to feel my muscles burning and take them to failure, because in fitness terms, that is when you are going to make the gains.

While the programme I am doing at the moment is dropping my calories, it is not dropping them to below 1000 (actually I am eating 1400 calories a day), and its only that amount because I am aiming for fat loss. I am STILL eating proper meals though, with real food. This I feel is vitally important, that understanding of what to eat in order to have great health.

Oooops, I seem to have digressed a little here, so lets get back to the results part of this blog.

I started this 90 day protocol weighing in at :

10st 5½ lbs or 145½ lbs or 65.99 kg

After 60 days I am weighing in at :

9st 10¾ lbs or 136¾ lbs or 62 kg

So a total loss of :

8¾ lbs

Which to be honest doesn’t sound a lot for 60 days does it??

This is where the whole argument of scales versus tape measure comes into its own. If you look at my measurements I think they tell a different story.

At the beginning of the 90 days my measurements were:

Bust – 38.5 inches .. Waist – 30.5 inches Tummy – 36.5 inches .. Hips 39.75 inches .. Thigh – 22.5 inches

After 60 days my measurements are:

Bust – 35.5 inches – loss of 3 inches .. Waist – 28.5 inches – loss of 2 inches .. Tummy – 33 inches – loss of 3.5 inches .. Hips – 37.25 inches – loss of 2.5 inches .. Thigh – 20.5 inches – loss of 2 inches

So a total loss of 13 inches

I’ve definitely built more muscle over the last 60 days. My arms, legs and abs are stronger and more defined. Of course muscle weighs more than fat so the fat loss I can see from my measurements has been balanced out by muscle gains that I see on the scales.

Finally, here are pictures to compare day 1 to day 60.

To be continued/updated in 30 days!!! Excited as to what the next 30 days will bring and also the results of my 30 day shred……

If you want to have a chat about private coaching, then send me an email via my contact me page. I am offering 1-2-1 online coaching at this present time working through nutrition, fitness and mindset. Now more than ever it is important for us to focus on our health. Don’t wait for something to happen to take action, do it now.

Helen x

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