30 day shred – day 1…

I thought it would be useful for both you and me if I logged everything that I am eating, and all the exercise I am doing throughout this 30 day shred.

I weighed in at 9st 12½lb this morning or 138 ½lb or 62.8kg – depending on what you work in.

I am at 25% body fat.

I’ll post my measurements tomorrow and include a before picture. Having two days off meant things were a little rushed getting back to it this morning!

Anyhoo…..exercise today has looked like this:

20 minutes morning yoga.

Uddiyana Kriya (a yogic breathing technique that I practice daily. I’ll speak about this in a seperate post at some point).

60 minutes of step aerobics. I basically did 12 seperate moves on the step for a minute per move and repeated 5x. (wasn’t actually as boring as I thought it was going to be).

Hamstring and glute workout.

60 minute power walk with 8 hill repeats.

Food looked like:

Almond milk smoothie with raspberries, spinach, vegan protein powder, maca powder and ashwagnda.

Two spinach wraps (homemade), with vegan cheese and coconut yoghurt and cucumber.

Roasted veggies – sweet potatoes, courgettes, green pepper, tomatoes, red onion, chickpeas and vegan feta cheese. Served with a green salad with avocado, hemp and pumpkin seeds.

2 x 5g vegan BCAA (as a workout and post workout drink).

2+ litres water.

Food wise I need to upp the calories as I didn’t get in enough today so will work on that tomorrow.

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