Life after 50….

It’s the number that either thrills or sends chills down your spine.

50….fifty….half century….over the hill….

Even if you do put a positive spin on it, there is still that nagging little voice at the back of your head that says ‘how the hell did I get to 50 already’.

Its a cliche, but life really does go by in the blink of an eye and I’m pretty sure that I am not the only woman who has gotten to 50 with a sense of complete disbelief.

I actually sailed through my 50th – unlike another milestone birthday a decade before. The day before my 40th I remember having an epic meltdown over a margaretta pizza, while sitting in San Fransisco airport waiting for a connecting flight to Las Vegas. 40 and I didn’t fit well to begin with, and it took me months to accept that my age now had a 4 in front of it.

50 definitely seemed a smoother transition. Or was it???? I think now that I have been in denial for the last 2 1/2 years. (I am 53 in November). Caught up in life, work and the general busyiness of ‘being’, 50 didn’t really register.

I’m certainly not the sort of person that lets age dictate to me. Its just a number and really not of much relevance as far as I’m concerned.

However, while my mind was working and thinking in one way, it seems my body has been doing something completely different. One could say it is letting the side down slightly.

It may seem odd to say it (given that I’m a personal fitness trainer and a yoga teacher), but my body has gone through some changes without me realising it. Well, I kinda knew it was happening, but I put it out of my mind and just carried on as usual.

Which was relatively easy to do. Thanks to my years of training, I am actually pretty fit. Fitness clothing is nothing if not forgiving, and so those extra pounds were easily camouflaged. I became an expert at ‘layering’, which hides a multitude of sins.

Then the lockdown hit and like many personal trainers out there I was suddenly not able to train clients of teach classes. Cue the mass rush to get workouts online. Set up in my kitchen (the downside of living in a teeny tiny house means there is no other space), with lousy lighting and a slightly dubious camera, the results were a little shocking.

There is nothing like seeing yourself on film to focus the mind on ‘ahhh….that’s where all those extra pounds are!!’

Not one to sit on my laurels for long, I set to work on doing something about it. I didn’t want the time we were in lockdown to be wasted, to come out the other end exactly as I went in – or worse, even heavier.

For the last three weeks I have been working through a protocol to heal myself of candida, leaky gut and hopefully lessen my symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (see previous post here).

A few weeks before that I had started to work out six days a week.

The results are beginning to show as my belly fat is melting away, my abs are starting to appear again. My legs have gotten slimmer and more muscular and overall I am feeling so much better.

Stomach issues that have troubled me for literally decades are slowly fading away, and while I have a way to go yet it is certainly satisfying to see results. Especially given that the verdict for any sort of fitness and weight loss post menopause is luke warm at best.

It proves that with some hard work, application and focusing on the right areas (ALWAYS heal the gut first), progress can be made.

Which is a rather long and convoluted way of saying that I have now got renewed interest in looking at fitness and wellbeing in pre and post menopausal women.

Its a subject that I’ve always skirted around, dabbling a bit here and there. But really allowing myself time to absorb that it HAS affected me too, and then finding ways in which to recharge, rebalance and reset has been somewhat of an ‘a-ha’ moment for me.

I now find myself with the desire to share what I know with those women who possibly fall through the cracks of the fitness industry. Workouts such as those shared by Joe Wicks throughout the lockdown weeks are great, but simply too much for a lot of women. Whilst burpees are certainly an effective exercise, they are blooming hard work, harsh on the knees, and the type of thing that will see most people give up pretty quickly.

The exercises that I have been doing are a lot gentler in terms of jumping up and down, but no less effective.

If you want to talk to me about some 1-2-1 coaching then please head to my contact page and drop me a line.

We will have a FREE initial consultation (over Zoom/Skype/Messenger) where we will discuss your goals, any injuries, what your lifestyle is looking like.

Armed with that information, I can then work out a programme that is fit for you. No more generic workouts that may not get you anywhere.

You can start the ball rolling here.

Helen x

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