If not now then when??

News this morning is focusing on weight gain during lockdown. It seems that our ‘enforced’ rest is doing nothing for our waist-lines. A reported 47% of Brits said they gained an average of 5lb (2.2kg) in the first 6 weeks.

Its easy to understand how this has happened. People are under stress. Working from home while trying to homeschool, finanical concerns and the endless ‘bleak’ news being hammered into our reality. Its all a recipe for disaster.

As humans we are creatures of habit. We spend a large portion of our days doing things on autopilot. When our habits are threatened, and our days look uncertain, we turn to things that bring us comfort. Enter food and drink.

The situation has not been helped by the fact that the weather has been so lovely. With uncertainty over if and when we will be able to travel and have our annual week or two in the sun, the last 7 weeks or so have been one enormous ‘staycation’. Which has in turn translated to that little extra ‘holiday weight’.

I am not going to sit here and criticise people for doing what they need to in order to get through something completely unprecidented. However, this situation that we are living through isn’t going away anytime soon. And with our government now saying that there are definite links between obesity and the severity of symptoms of Coronovirus, perhaps now is the time to rethink your relationship with your health and wellbeing.

NCD (non communicable diseases) such as diabetes, cancers, heart disease have been shown to have links with lifestyle. Lets just take one of these to use as an example here.

*All figures taken from WHO (World Health Organisation).

Type 2 diabetes is widely considered now to be a ‘lifestyle disease’. Deaths worldwide from type 2 diabetes in 2016 were recorded at 1.6 million. To give that figure some context, deaths worldwide so far of coronavirus stand at 325,239. Remember that type 2 diabetes is just one of the very many lifestyle diseases that are prevalent in our modern society today.

As I already stated, the links between these conditions and weight have now been proven. Wearing a mask and keeping 2 metres away from your fellow human beings will not protect you against any of these killers. What they will do though is weaken your immune system and make you more vulnerable, not just to the particular virus doing the rounds at the moment, but to all viruses out there that can potentially affect us.

If this crisis has highlighted anything, then it is that we need to care for our health. That care has to encompass all aspects of looking after these bodies that we live in. Its one thing to follow all the ‘guidelines’ to minimise your risk of catching a virus. But if you do that without any consequence to the other potential ‘killers’ that there are for our health, then you are leaving the door wide open to dis-ease to walk through.

It’s time to start taking responsibility for your own health back into your own hands. If you know that a particular food isn’t going to be good for you then don’t eat it. If you know that moving your body, increasing your heart rate and breaking into something of a sweat is good for you, then exercise.

Gone are the days of saying that you have no time. You have to make time, because your health is the only really important thing that you can have.

If you are unsure where to start – and I get it, it can be really confusing to know what to do, then please reach out to me.

I coach people on a 1-2-1 basis as we are all individual and need to be treated as such. What works for one person will not work for everyone. What workout may seem simple to one person, can be near impossible to another.

My strength lies in my ability to emphathise with people. To find out that it is that you need. To take a look into your lifestyle and see where things can be changed. And then support and motivate you in doing just that.

Habit change (and I’ll talk more about this in another post), takes on average 66 days to achieve. And unless you have willpower of steel, then it is bloomin’ difficult to do on its own.

Let me help you take your health and put in on a level that you haven’t felt before (or for a long time). Its now more important than ever and now really is the time.

DM me on my contact page here to start the ball rolling. I offer FREE consultations to have that initial discussion and to make sure that we can work well together.

Start today – I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Helen x

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