30 day update

I’ve completed the first 30 days of my 90 day candida/leakygut/autoimmune protocol, so I thought I’d give you an update!!

The protocol basically involves cutting out most foods with sugars in them. All processed foods of course, fruit (except a small amount of berries, lemons, limes and grapefruits), some veggies namely potatoes, peas, mushrooms, carrots, beets and corn, some grains – anything with gluten in it, white rice, and some other grains that I don’t eat anyway. Coffee and alcohol are also out.

It may sound a restrictive diet, but to be honest its been surprisingly easy, and I am actually finding my taste buds are stronger than they were.

As well as the diet protocol, there are some supplements to take that will help rebalance the candida, repair my gut wall, and aid my liver and kidneys to detox. I’ve also added a few other protocols in to the mix – oil pulling with oregano and coconut oil first thing when I get up, skin brushing (have been doing this everyday for the last 30 odd years anyway), cold showers, intermittent fasting and garlic enemas where needed (yes I know TMI and the topic that no-one wants to discuss).

The results over the first 30 days have been really encouraging. I have mentioned in previous posts that my stomach issues had gotten so bad that sometimes even drinking a glass of water would set them off. I was in pain, bloated, fatigued all the time and running on pretty much empty.

My days are already looking so much different. My sleep is improving (although it is not perfect yet), my energy levels are so much better and getting up in the morning is no longer the massive struggle that it was.

I am ready to workout at 8am every morning (I could do it earlier but hubby is in the kitchen sorting his breakfast until then and its the only space we have at the moment to workout in).

My stomach is becoming happier by the day. Much less wind, pain, bloatedness and discomfort. For anyone suffering from IBS or similar symptoms you will know how debilitating it can be.

My rheumatoid arthritis is also becoming more manageable. My feet/toes rarely hurt now, and my fingers (the worst affected area for me) are becoming less stiff and sore. They are still misshapen, which I think will be permanent, but I can make a fist of my hand now which I haven’t been able to do for a long time.

My weight is also coming back under control. I put on two stone going through the menopause. I lost a stone last year but had been gradually putting it back on again. At the start of the lockdown (24/03/20) I was weighing in at 68kgs (10st 10lbs). At the begining of this protocol (24/04/20) I was weighing in at 66kg (10st 6lb). This morning (23/05/20) I am weighing in at 62kg (9st12lb). I have lost a total of 9 1/2 inches thus far.

My target is to get back to 57kg (9st) which is where my weight has always sat. I appreciate that it may have naturally risen a little now that I have gone through menopause, so we will have to wait and see where it wants to come out to.

I have included some pictures here of progress so far. Excited for the next 30 days and to see where that takes me!!

Don’t let yourself ever think that you have to stay a particular way if you are not happy with that. There is always a solution if you want to find it and more importantly work for it.

My progress hasn’t just happened because I wanted it to, or because I desired to be another way. It has happened because I have been motivated every day to heal myself.

If you desire something different but don’t know where to start then contact me and we can work out a programme that is unique to you. All you have to do is have the will to start the ball rolling.

Helen x

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