Born to Move…

As humans we are creatures who were born to move.

I heard Eddie Izzard recently in an interview say:

“That humans are meant to move and are inherently capable of greater levels of fitness than we credit ourselves for. What we are not designed to do is sit on our arses on the sofa and do nothing.” *paraphrasing.

Now Eddie was already ‘up’ there on my list of people that I admire. Back in 2009 he completed 43 marathons in 51 days, on very little training. As well as raising money for Sports Relief, he also wanted to show that the body is an absolutely amazing bit of kit, that can very quickly adapt to changes in circumstance.

Something that we can take and use as most of find ourselves in the most unusual situation of our lives. Locked down with no end in sight. Much of our daily lives completely changed and forced to limit where we go and what we do.

Freedom for most of us is something that we never even gave a second thought too. I am hedging a bet that by the end of this week, people are going to be getting twitchy about the lack of freedom they are having to deal with at the moment.

But, I don’t want this blog post to be a negative one. We don’t have much choice at the moment but to adhere to what is being asked of us. But what we do have choice and control over is how we spend our time while on lockdown.

I started by stating that we are creatures who are born to move, and we now have the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of that. Modern life is so busy, and I have lost count of the amount of people who have told me that they can’t exercise because they haven’t got time.

Well, circumstances have just gifted you the thing you yearn most for – TIME.

It may not be the best circumstances, but when life gives you lemons??!!

I am going to start a 30 day CV Challenge here at Barefoot Helen.

30 days of workouts. 30 days of motivation. 30 days of nutritional advice and 30 days of support.

30 days in which to remind your body that it was born to move. Our bodies respond so positively when we are being active. I think we are a few generations into forgetting that.

If you want to come and join me on this 30 day extravaganza then simply follow the link to the challenge here. I’ve deliberately kept the cost low as I know that people are concerned for their finances at the moment, but hopefully its a cost people are willing to make in order to come out of this health crisis healthier than they went in.

See you over at the challenge.

Helen x

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