I don’t really do labels. I think we are all unique and so its best not to describe us in a ‘one-size’ fits all kind of way.

However, I do appreciate that people like to know who you are, especially when you are asking them to read your blog!

So, in the interests of letting you know who I am, here are some of the ‘labels’ I could fit into….

Diet – I’ll start with the trickiest first because my diet really is like a patchwork of different things all weaved together.

Firstly I do consider myself to be a vegan in principle. I don’t like the idea of killing animals for me to wear, or to use on skincare or homecare products. So first and foremost, I don’t wear animals, nor use products that have animal by-products in them, or have been tested on animals.

I don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs. I don’t drink non-vegan wine/champange, or any other alcohol that has been made using animal by-products.

I do from time to time eat wild salmon or ocean caught fish, but this becoming less and less.

My diet is made up predominantely of raw food – fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds.

I don’t eat grains and try and stay away from potatoes (white as they flair up my RA).

Think that covers it!

Family – I am one of four children, and at the time of writing this I still have both my parents alive. I am an aunty, and most importantly a wife to my amazing man who I have been with for three decades. He is the yin to my yang, and I would be adrift without him.

We decided not to have children (before it became obvious that the task would have been made more difficult when I had to have an ovary removed due to a tumour). Thankfully the decision was one that neither of us came to regret, and animal furbabies have taken the place of human offspring!

I have a lot of really good friends, and my best friend and I have known each other since we were 7. I consider friends to be family.

Work – I have had a lot of different job roles over the years, but retrained to become a personal fitness trainer back in 2004 and never looked back. There is something about helping people find their ‘ah-ha’ moment around their health that I just love. I am a strong supporter profile, and also a bit of a star (that I only really realised recently). I was always one to shy away at the back, but I have come to discover that actually, when talking about my passions of health and well-being, shouting from the front in a much more fun place to be! Who knew!!!

Miscelleneous – is the best name for this category as it rounds up the rest of my personality, and tells what best sits in my heart.

Yoga came into my life many years ago as a physical practice. It didn’t come into my life as a spiritual practice until I trained to become a yoga teacher in 2011. It was like a lightening bolt through me as years of unanswered questions suddenly became clear. My month of intensive training in the foothills of Spain, with the smell of almond blossom wafting around us as we practiced in the winter sun remains one of the most profound times of my life.

Likewise, barefoot running was something that I had never heard about, but when I did I wondered where it had been all my life. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to me to run barefoot (or in vibrams which are barefoot running shoes). The connection to the earth that I felt running this way pulled on something very primal within me and I have never run in trainers or running shoes since.

Travelling is my biggest passion and blessing. I am like a caged tiger if kept in one place for too long. Whilst I love the idea of settling down in our ‘forever’ home and growing veggies and rescuing animals, I also love the idea of being free to roam at will. Its a conundrum that I have no idea how and when will play out. For now though I am happy that I can induldge my passion for new places and travel with my work.

I am a woman with wild written through my heart like a stick of rock!! My favourite place to be is in nature with my feet in the bare soil, hugging trees and howling at the moon. I believe we are all wild at heart, at one with mother nature. Modern living discourages us from taking the time to connect with our most primal feelings, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. You could call me a hippy chick, a nomad, a chameleon even, as I can change my skin to suit the environment I am in. The older I get though, the more I don’t try to blend into the background.

As I move through the journey that is my life, the layers or labels that I have given myself over the years drop away. At the end of the day, we are energetic beings who all originate from the same source. I love that the more I allow myself to believe that, then the more I come to understand who and what I am.

What I love most is to share my journey with others along the way. Helping them to find those parts of themselves they have forgotten through well-being; exercise, nutrition and mindset. Connecting with others who have already discovered the path that is best for them, and in knowing that the best way to lift us all to a higher level of conscious is through sending love out into the world.

Helen x


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